Tax Representation

FBR is one of the most powerful institutions in Pakistan responsible for collecting due taxes through modern tools and techniques. To represent your business in front of FBR, we offer wide range of tax representation services. 

Though FBR is a powerful institution, yet if you receive a letter from it, it doesn’t imply that you have committed a crime. In most cases, FBR wants to :

However, the situation might be alarming if FBR runs an audit. An audit is aimed at identifying defaulting taxpayers through a proper system of assessments and penalties that aims to:

In such a situation, dealing with FBR could be frustrating, time-consuming and intimidating. Moreover, it can hurt your public status and reputation as it is considered a crime. So, to save you from such a situation, we offer inclusive tax representation services.

Tax Representation

Our Tax Representation Services

By choosing AccoTech to deal with the legal and compliance issues with FBR and other authorities, you need to be worry-free as your case is dealt by professionals who are experts in the field and have successfully handled such cases before.

Our experienced accountants are registered and licensed to deal with any issue you encounter with FBR/SECP or any other regulatory body.

How we will help:

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